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Fratelli Farooq is led by renowned Valve / Industrial experts and we have developed reputation for and we are able to satisfy the customer in all his needs and problems in production and delays etc …. Our market consists of end-users, contractors, traders in chemical process industries, refineries, petrochemicals, oil exploration, thermal / nuclear plants, steel plants, food, capital goods industries, effluent treatment. The prime objective of the company is to maintain and improve market leadership in the supply of our service. Company is strategically placed in Milan industrial zone which is easily accessible through Malpensa / Linate airport and is 1 hour to Genova Port.

This enhances the external provider’s / customers commutations easy & hassle free movements of shipments in this region.

About Us


Fratelli Farooq established during year 2011 in Milan, service quality to assembling, testing and reparing all types of valves (e.g.: Ball valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves, Control valves, plug valve, etc.)…

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Fratelli Farooq Società Cooperativa
Head quarter and Manufacturing plant:
Via Donatello, 14 – 20020 Solaro (MI) – Italy
Tel: +39 02 2305 2961
Email: info@fratellifarooq.it
VAT: IT07348710968